Sweet Potato Bisteeya

I was away at a conference all week, food included. They served a dish that I knew I’d be attempting to recreate, even before I took my first bite. Sweet Potato Bisteeya-a sweet and salty Morrocan dish typically made with meat. This chef took a spin on the typical sweet potato bisteeya recipes you might find online. Most recipes I was looking at called for pureeing the sweet potato and adding a lot of eggs. The one at the conference was cubed and did not contain eggs. I made a small version last night and was surprised at how close I got with the flavors. It relies heavily on cinnamon and turmeric, and though I feel I can make pretty good curry dishes, they are never even close to what I eat in restaurants.  The recipe calls for phylo dough, but not that much of it, so looks like I have a few phylo recipes in my future (most likely in the form of bisteeya).

Vegan Sweet Potato Bisteeya

2 medium sized sweet potatoes, boiled till soft

½-1 red onion, diced

Olive Oil

1 tsp Cinnamon

2 tsp Turmeric

1 tsp Curry Powder

1 tsp Agave (or honey or sugar)




Phylo dough-about 4 or 5 sheets

Almond slivers

 Boil sweet potatoes until soft. Saute oil (or margarine) in a skillet with onion, until transparent. Add in sweet potatoes and mix. Add in spices. I added in about ½-1 cup of water and then cooked until the water was gone, to help distribute the powders. Add sweetener to taste-remember, this is supposed to be a sweet and salty (and a little spicy). Throw in kale-however much you desire. Put a lid on it, and cook and until kale wilts.

 Grease an 8x8in pan. Put two layers of phylo dough on, or more. I tore 1 sheet in half and put both on there, but in my opinion, the more phylo dough the better. I then put all of my sweet potato mixture in, topped with almonds and then layered with about 4 layers of phylo dough. Next time, I think I would alternate potato with phylo dough, because the crunch of the dough really makes this dish different from just a sweet potato dish. Top with a little more cinnamon and bake at 350°F until brown on top.

 Next time: I might trying more of a potato mash. And I will definitely add more phylo dough. And I will take pictures. 


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