Pizza Rolls


Way back when, I used to love cheese rolls. Cheesy, basily, garlicy, sourdough-y and whole wheaty from the bakery at the grocery store. And then I stopped eating dairy, and they just taunted me from the bakery shelves. I made pathetic attempts a few times to recreate them, but they didn’t come out the same.

Now, these aren’t the same. They are pizza, put rolled up. Gooey-er. Which bottom crispty cheese. And much much more of the taste I remember. Not quite as healthy as I (pretend) to think my normal pizza is, but I decided to keep things simple for the first attempt at rolling up pizza. And I don’t regret it at all (a little bit because of the amount of spinach that went into my smoothie after work today).

Maybe one of these days I will get better at taking photos as I go. But I tend to be a pretty messy cooker, and I baby my camera, so it really only gets to take photos of the final product.

Ever made cinnamon rolls? Great. Instead of margarine (or pumpkin)-use marinara sauce. Instead of cinnamon and sugar-use sauted onion and garlic. Treat the onions and garlic as you would cinnamon and sugar. You really can’t have too much. Sprinkle on cheese (I used Mozzerella Daiya). Roll it up. Slice it about 1 in-ish wide. Put them onto baking sheets/skillets/pie pans. Let them rise. I was hungry. I only made it an hour. Mine didn’t get that big.

Bake at 450 for about 15 minutes. I pulled them out, slathered on a little marinara sauce and put a few sprinkles of Daiya on the top. Maybe a bit over kill. Maybe not.

I wanted to make mine with pesto (I think the original might have had pesto instead of marinara), but I the store was out of basil. Next time (really, I just need to get an indoor basil plant set up so it doesn’t keep getting frosted).


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