Nutty Sauteed Kale

I’ve been obsessed with kale recently-raw, sauteed or baked. I’ve experimented with baking kale chips trying to recreate the nutty ones that Trader Joe’s sells. So far the secret I’ve found is mixing a nut butter, nutritional yeast, a little soy sauce and water together and mixing it together with the kale. However, I don’t always want to turn the oven on (it uses about the same amount of energy as a hottub…), so I just do it on the stove and found that it can taste just as good.



Nutritional Yeast

Soy sauce



Nut butter (optional)

Oil or Earth Balance (optional)

Melt oil/earth balance in a skillet and add in chopped onion-the finer the better. Let it saute for a minute then add in kale. Mix together nutritional yest, nut butter and soysauce and thin with water. Pour over kale and let it cook down. Add in minced garlic, and cook until kale is tender and garlic has mellowed out. Alternatively, cook until kale gets crispty.


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