This Week in Meal Planning

Sunday is my usual shopping and food prep day. I start by spending way too much time drooling over all the creative healthy blogs out there (and sometimes at the unhealthy ones…) while trying to figure out what to make for the week. I usually end up overwhelmed and debating over twenty different recipes, and settle on old favorites.

Once the meals are somewhat decided on, the list making process starts. A sample shopping list of mine is seen here

I really want to start exploring new recipes more. I am going to start an ongoing post of new recipes I have tried.

I was gone all weekend, so instead I am eating emergency box noodles for lunch and risking the after work grocery shopping storm.

This weeks’ sample meal plan:


Breakfast: oatmeal with flax seed and almond butter

Lunch: Trader Mings Peanut Satay and Noodle sauce with Trader Mings Vegetable Rolls

Dinner: hopefully pizza, but most like salad to clean out all of last weeks’ vegetables


Breakfast: oatmeal with flax seed and almond butter

Lunch: Copy attempt number 1 of noodles with peanut sauce, green onions, snow peas and peanuts (It was the sample of the day at Trader Joe’s last week. I am going to try the replicate it exactly before beefing it up. Tofu and significantly more vegetables will eventually be involved.)

Dinner: more noodles or left over pizza


Breakfast: oatmeal with flax seed and almond butter

Lunch: More noodles

Dinner: tofu salad


Breakfast: oatmeal with flax seed and almond butter

Lunch: vegetable wraps and spring rolls



Breakfast: smoothie or oatmeal

Lunch: Vegetable wraps and spring rolls

Dinner: Depends on my plans for the evening

Snacks for the week:

Beet salad



Trail Mix Cookies

Cabbage salad

Notes: Chances are I will not stick with this completely, but my shopping list later today will set me up to be able to make it all.

Shopping List:

Peanut noodles: whole whet spaghetti, snow peas, green onions, peanuts ( I already have the sauce)

Wraps: flour tortillas, cream cheese, bell peppers, cucumbers (already have olives, onions and will get spinach from the garden)

Pizza: marinara sauce, mushrooms (have everything else already)

Spring rolls : already have everything. I will put in it: cucumbers, tofu, bell peppers, cabbage and garlic sauce)

Smoothies: bananas and strawberries

Misc (things I like to keep on hand): samosa burgers, a box of pre-made thai noodles

I’ll add an update after I go shopping to see what I really ended up with…I’m usually pretty good at sticking to my list, but since I am making this plan at work, I can’t see what is in my pantry/fridge at home, and am probably forgetting things.


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