Posted in November 2012

Meal Planning Week Three

I am going out of town for Thursday –Saturday, so meal planning this week will be a cinch. Goal? Eat the massive quantity of vegetables in my fridge. And cook the pumpkin pie filling I made last Thursday. Yea for only having to go to one store this week! Meals: Salad French onion soup Oatmeal … Continue reading

Meal Planning Week Two/Shopping List

Meal Planning Week Two/Shopping List Recap on last week: Pretty good, but after a not so great experience with Trader Joe’s Peanut Satay, I bailed on making my own peanut noodles (I thought the Trader Joe’s one’s were too oily and it made me feel sort of sick afterwards. Plus, for 500 calories, it should … Continue reading

This Week in Meal Planning

Sunday is my usual shopping and food prep day. I start by spending way too much time drooling over all the creative healthy blogs out there (and sometimes at the unhealthy ones…) while trying to figure out what to make for the week. I usually end up overwhelmed and debating over twenty different recipes, and … Continue reading