Meal List

I find myself in a sort of food rut every few months, where I’m sick of everything I usually make, but am at a loss for new things to start trying. My budget doesn’t allow me to eat out, so going to exciting vegetarian/vegan restaurants and drooling over the menu is sort of out. I spend A LOT of time browsing food blogs, and though I book mark them and love the pretty pictures and funny stories, I don’t try nearly as many as I read. Part of that is because I always take leftover food for lunch. The other part is my lunch needs to be super portable, taste good cold and be pretty energy dense.

I also tend to not be super adventurous grocery shopping and revert back to my go-to grocery list. And I ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches pretty much every year of elementary, middle and high school. Those are now reserved for camping trips ONLY (cuz food tastes way better when camping). Same kinda goes with pasta. Pasta night alternated with burrito night at my house for the 18 years I lived there (and the times I go home to visit…). Noodles in Asian food? AMAZING. Noodles with spaghetti sauce? It’s gotta be one of those nights where I am realllly low on food.

Writing down meals I cook will help me drum up those ones that lay forgotten 90% of the time (vegetable pot pie…), and hopefully help me avoid the doldrums of a food rut.

Suggestions are encouraged!

Go to meals:

Weekday Breakfast:

Weekend Breakfast:

  • Hash browns
  • Pancakes/waffles
  • Cinnamon rolls

Lunches/Dinners (I usually take leftovers for lunch)


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