Banana Ice Cream

I am a banana skeptic. There are certain banana things I absolutely love and I am very adamant that a smoothie is not a smoothie unless it contains banana. But I’m not a big solo banana eater. It is possible it is because of the the saying that you attract mosquito if you eat bananas…Still not sure if it is true, but I believe the damage has already been done.

So, it took me a while to try the whole frozen banana ice cream idea, but once I did I almost completely stopped buying soy ice cream. There are many, many, MANY recipes out there. Just type in banana ice cream to google. The Kitchn has step by step instructions and photos, and some mix in ideas. 

My favorites? A little almond butter, a splash of almond milk and throw in an oreo if you have one. Chocolate peanut butter is amazing in it, but for some reason I think normal plain peanut butter gives it an odd taste.

Note: almond milk isn’t necessary,  I just tend to lack patients when making this (and my Cuisinart is getting up there in age), and a bit of milk makes it go faster.

Some things I have noticed: wait for the bananas to be good and ripe before peeling it, chopping it up and freezing it. Some claim the frozen bananas last for awhile-I think it tastes best when used in a week or less. I’m not huge on the texture of the the ice cream after it has been frozen again-I go for make small batches and eat it all at once. One banana goes a ways with me, especially when I add in almond butter and other things-It can get pretty filling. And, for about $0.30 a serving (including add ins), it sure beats buying expensive soy ice cream!


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