Posted in October 2012

An Average Shopping Trip

An Average Shopping Trip Unfortunately vegan shopping where I live tends to involve multiple grocery stores. Two of my main ones are conveniently located right next to each other, but the local health food store is a few miles away. That one is expensive, so it’s usually more like a monthly journey for bulk stuff … Continue reading

Meal List

I find myself in a sort of food rut every few months, where I’m sick of everything I usually make, but am at a loss for new things to start trying. My budget doesn’t allow me to eat out, so going to exciting vegetarian/vegan restaurants and drooling over the menu is sort of out. I … Continue reading

Basic Cookie Recipe

I swear I don’t have as big of a sweet tooth as this site may lead you to believe… The majority of what I made doesn’t really have directions to go with them-it’s more throw stuff in a few pots and pans and eat it. Some of them taste the same every time, some of … Continue reading

Banana Ice Cream

I am a banana skeptic. There are certain banana things I absolutely love and I am very adamant that a smoothie is not a smoothie unless it contains banana. But I’m not a big solo banana eater. It is possible it is because of the the saying that you attract mosquito if you eat bananas…Still not sure if … Continue reading

(Not so Authentic) Vegan Enchilada Sauce

Not So Authentic Enchilada Sauce Ingredients: 1/8th cup oil 3 tbsp flour 4 tbsp chili powder Cayenne, garlic powder, cumin to taste 2 cups water with 1 veggie cube (optional) 3 tbsp tomato sauce More optional but yummy tasting: nutritional yeast and a splash of almond milk for cheesy creaminess. Directions: Heat oil in a … Continue reading

The Go To Breakfast Oatmeal

The Go To Breakfast Oatmeal I am relatively new to the world of oatmeal, and am quite mad that it took me this long (that would have been the perfect companion to the dried rice and beans of college…I want to calculate the cost of this meal. I bet it’s about $0.50 a serving). I … Continue reading

Basic Pizza Dough

Pizza is one of my go to favorite foods. As a vegan pizza, I do not see it as a junk food. I typically mess around with the flour-adding varying amounts of whole wheat flour, vital wheat gluten etc and I pile it full of vegetables. Basic Dough Recipe: I don’t follow an exact recipe … Continue reading

Well Hello There

I love cooking and think of myself as a healthy cook who knows her way around a kitchen, but I never write down what I do, or remember the website where I based my ideas off. My kitchen and cupboards are littered with bits of scrap paper with ingredients written down, but no titles and … Continue reading