Adventures in Sheshed

Advernturing into a she-shed. Follow the process to learn more about the costs and my experience. Continue reading


Cauliflower Macaroni and Cheese

I tried mashed cauliflower a while ago and really enjoyed it-both on its own as well as cut with a potato in it as well. Cauliflower is low in calories (29 calories in a one cup serving), high in vitamin C and K as well as has anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and cardiovascular benefits (source). If you … Continue reading

Sweet Potato Bisteeya

I was away at a conference all week, food included. They served a dish that I knew I’d be attempting to recreate, even before I took my first bite. Sweet Potato Bisteeya-a sweet and salty Morrocan dish typically made with meat. This chef took a spin on the typical sweet potato bisteeya recipes you might … Continue reading

Mashed Cauliflower and Tofu

Cauliflower for some reason is not high on my vegetable radar. Not sure why. Maybe because the bright colors of bell peppers, zucchini and carrots always win me over, and by the time I roll my cart past the cauliflower it is already full? Anyways, I’ve been craving potatoes lately. Plain old russet potatoes. which … Continue reading

One Pot Lentil Vegetable Soup

Lentil soup, and split pea soup are probably my favorite soups. I always keep a few cans of lentil soup on hand for quick meals. After devouring too many pretzels with almond butter after a bike ride today, I was feeling the lentil soup. Despite the fact that it has been in the mid 70’s … Continue reading

Pizza Rolls

Way back when, I used to love cheese rolls. Cheesy, basily, garlicy, sourdough-y and whole wheaty from the bakery at the grocery store. And then I stopped eating dairy, and they just taunted me from the bakery shelves. I made pathetic attempts a few times to recreate them, but they didn’t come out the same. … Continue reading

Meal Planning Week Two/Shopping List

Meal Planning Week Two/Shopping List Recap on last week: Pretty good, but after a not so great experience with Trader Joe’s Peanut Satay, I bailed on making my own peanut noodles (I thought the Trader Joe’s one’s were too oily and it made me feel sort of sick afterwards. Plus, for 500 calories, it should … Continue reading

Basic Cookie Recipe

I swear I don’t have as big of a sweet tooth as this site may lead you to believe… The majority of what I made doesn’t really have directions to go with them-it’s more throw stuff in a few pots and pans and eat it. Some of them taste the same every time, some of … Continue reading